Ginger Spice Experience

Ginger Spice, a pioneering sophisticated and authentic Indian Restaurant opened its doors in March 2015, Ginger Spice offers its patrons a delightful range of refined, fine food, which remains faithful to the best culinary traditions of the Indian sub-continent. The warm and courteous hospitality of our staff coupled with the stylish, elegant decor of our restaurant goes a long way to providing our customers with a memorable dining experience.

The Ginger Spice restaurants exude opulence in every essence, from refined and authentic cuisine, which makes use of the freshest ingredients and finest spice combinations. Everything from the warm and courteous hospitality of the staff coupled with the elegant decor of the restaurant, diners are transported to a world where tastes are exquisite, palatable and unparalleled to guarantee total perfection during the dining experience.


Alam Family

Since the opening of the first establishment (Spice of India – Cranham) in the Alam’s Family restaurant chain in 2005, the family continues to elevate contemporary Indian restaurants and push Ginger Spice to unsurpassed heights, to establish restaurants that ingeniously entice diners with a taste for the decadent within its stunning surroundings.

The Alam family have been sharing their passion for great authentic Indian cuisine for over 5 decades and 3 generations. Ginger Spice is our latest venue where our guests are invited to experience our modern gastronomic take on traditional Indian cuisine. The result is individual and original dining experience and the product of our uncompromising passion and skill.

Ginger Spice

We look forward to seeing you soon at Ginger Spice, a first class Indian Restaurant.

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